The merchandise below will be available at the training sessions and at our Gun Shop.
You can also order by Contacting Us.

Thunder 29 Folding Earmuffs

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Thunder 29 Earmuffs provide maximum noise protection with one of the highest NRR's available for earmuffs.  These folding earmuffs feature an extra long padded headband and comfortable oversized vinyl ear cushions that create an effective seal around the ear.

Low Profile behind the head Earmuffs

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These earmuffs were designed for use with hard hats, bump caps and fire helmets and work great with Ball Caps.  Features low profile cup and lightweight steel background.  The comfortable ear cushions protect against noise with an NRR rating of 19 and weigh only 5.3 oz.

Ultra-fit Reusable Earplugs with Case

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The worlds number 1 selling reusable earplug with a convenient carry case.  With a NRR rating of 26, this plug provides comfort and protection in one small package.  The triple flange design allows for quick and easy insertion, and the sure grip stem makes removal easier.

Quiet Reusable Foam Earplugs

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The Pre-shaped foam earplugs require no rolling prior to insertion.
Built in stiffener makes insertion easier, can be cleaned with soap and water.  Comes with cord.  NRR 26

Max-lite Low Pressure Foam Earplugs

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Preshaped earplugs are made of non irritating, non allergenic self adjusting foam that recovers to fit virtually any ear canal for long term user comfort.  Comes with cord.  NRR 30

Smith & Wesson Magnum Safety Glasses

Available in Clear, Amber and Smoke.  Provides the maximum panoramic distortion free vision
while providing ANSI Z87.1 protection.

Starlight Safety Glasses

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Available in Clear, Amber and Smoke.  Provides low cost effective protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 regulations.  Features a sleek, compact appearance with wraparound style that is close enough not to contact your firearm.

Over the glass Safety Glasses

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Not comfortable with the safety of you every day eyewear?  These over the glass glasses provide ANSI Z87.1 protection while fitting over your prescription pair.  Available in Amber and Smoke.

Blue Denim Shirt

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High quality 100% Cotton Three Rivers brand shirts available in long and short sleeved, both Ladies and Men's sizes.  Stocking Men's Large and X-Large.  All others require 2 weeks for shipment.  Logo TARGETHING - firearms training over left pocket (no pocket on ladies).

Ball Cap

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Low profile cotton ball cap fits your head well, and provides stylish protection from the sun while you are shooting.  (Two color cap shown).

Last Update 6/2/05